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Thursday in Monterey

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Crystal Cove 07/15/06

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I'm starting to sound like a scratched CD, but a pretty spectacular showing today. 2 F40s, Carrera GT, SLR, F430s, CSes, an ALMS junior racer, 1923 Ford, Olds Intrigue, a whole fleet of Lamborghinis, the Saleen family, and my personal favorites: the vintage Ferraris. Tom's 375 MM in black and red, Larry's Lusso and the California Spyder look-alike LWB bought on a teacher's salary 30-odd years ago. Don't know of any teahcers able to cough up seven figures to put this in their garage nowadays, unfortunately.

Crystal Cove 08/05/06

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A little bonus coverage today to show the first 24 hours for Jason and Stephan on the SoCal portion of their trip West.

Haus of Pizza - 8/24/06

Although the highlight was definitely the Koenigsegg CCX, a couple of the regulars brought their f-cars out too. Was one of the biggest groups I can remember at a HOP lunch. Awfully gracious of Rick to put up with us.

Haus of Pizza 7/20/06

Good turnout today. A few dropouts replaced by a few late entries. SLR, F40, F430, 308 GT4, 355 Spider, Cayenne Turbo S, and everybody's favorite conversation piece, the sandblasted Noble! After another terrific lunch a few of us tripped down to Auto Haus in Irvine, then hit the Mercedes Classic Car Center, which had some incredible machinery on display, and finally toured Saleen where we caught a glimpse of one extremely sexy and very naked S7. On a hunch I swung by Mazda to see if they might have a spare turbo lying around for my 5, but found a pair of young fraternal twins that more than made up for the lack of free-for-the-taking impellers.

Yard House 1/21/06

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Something new to my site: We did a run up to the Harbor in Long Beach to have lunch at the Yard House after a morning at CC.

We were joined by several South Bay f-chatters and a few that had come down from LA. Fun drive through traffic and a great lunch on the water, finished off with a jaunt down PCH through Seal Beach, HB, and Newport.

Thanks to Mike for the ride in his beautiful 6-speed 360 Modena. Great innaugural event. Hopefully it will be a monthly thing from now on.

Make sure you check out the Yard House if you haven't already. Great food and drinks.

Haus of Pizza 6/15/06

Short gap between meets because this was Brian's last chance to partake for the foreseeable future. Not a lot of f-cars but that didn't seem to dampen anybody's spirits.

Rensing Halloween Party

Great meeting everybody. Sorry for inducing so many seizures with the flash. I've been told normal vision should return in a few days.

Koenigsegg CCX first drive

Thanks to Magnus Jaasund of Koenigsegg, racer Justin Bell, and the whole crew at Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace for helping us experience this newly-available-in-the-U.S. supercar first hand.

2016 LA SAAC at the Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club's 12th annual Tony Sousa car show on the world famous and iconic Santa Monica pier

2011 Barrett-Jackson Fashion Show

Shelby Jackson and Beach Bunny fashion show during the David Yurman/Perana VIP event on Wednesday night at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event in Scottsdale

Buildings, structures, nature, and landscapes

Something a little different here. These are some of my favorite non-automotive shots. Pics from my travels and just cool sights from around town.

Italy in Color and Black and White

Some shots from a family trip to Italy a week after 9/11.

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